Monday, September 27, 2010

latest happening in the Jacobsen house

Well guess what the summer flew by and now it is football season. Are we ever home? NO!
We have football Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I have mutual on Wednesday. That leaves Mondays that are normally crazy from work.
We have had a busy summer, My Aunt and her family came and visited, then my grandma came for a day, then my older brother and his family came for a couple weeks and visited.
Well as most of you know we are expecting number 4 in March, this will be closest gap between any of our kids putting Kadence and the baby 25 months apart. This will be interesting since she loves babies. Our friends have a 4 month old and she gets loves from Kadence everytime Kadence sees her. I am not to excited about this one but the rest of the family can't wait. Everyone else thinks it is a girl, I think it is a boy. We will see who is right. Taedyn asked my yesterday if I still had the glue in bows from Kadence. I said no I don't why. He said "we are going to need them for our other sister." I said we can't put bows on a boy. He said "mom I know it is a girl." I hope he is right but I think it is a boy. I would love a girl then Kadence would have a sister. We are done for sure. This is it. Bo even agrees this time.

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